Policy Dinner on the Green Climate Fund

The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) – in coordination with GCF board members Mr. Arnaud Buisse (France), Mr. Irfa Ampri (Indonesia), Mr. Per Callesen (Denmark), and Mr. David Kaluba (Zambia) – hosted a policy dinner on the margins of the sixth board meeting of the Green Climate Fund (GCF) in Bali, Indonesia.  The dinner... continue reading »

Policy Dialogue: Criteria for the Green Climate Fund

This meeting summary captures the key take-aways and discussion points from CCAP’s Policy Dialogue on Criteria for the Green Climate Fund, held at the UNFCCC 19th Conference of the Parties in Warsaw, Poland on November 18, 2013. Related documents:  Discussion Draft: Supporting Transformational Climate Action through the Green Climate Fund

Identifying Potential Sources for NAMA Finance

This paper is part of CCAP’s effort to support the development of NAMAs in developing countries through the Mitigation Action Implementation Network (MAIN) program. It is meant to be an addendum to CCAP’s recent paper, An Emerging Architecture for NAMA Finance (May 2013), and was prepared as a resource specifically for developing countries participating in... continue reading »