CCAP Submission on Development of a Framework for Market Mechanisms that Avoids Double Counting of Effort and Achieves a Net Decrease in Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This UNFCCC submission is in response to the invitation [paragraph 81 of the Draft decision [-/CP.17] Outcome of the work of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Long-term Cooperative Action under the Convention] for parties and admitted UNFCCC observer organizations to submit to the secretariat, by 5 March 2012, their views on the matters referred... continue reading »

Alternative Tools for the Demonstration of Additionality: An Assessment of Proposals

Part of the CDM Dialogue Papers, this paper seeks to add to the discussion of new proposals to demonstrate additionality by first presenting a brief background on the current practice of demonstrating additionality and then describing three new proposals for demonstrating additionality, including the key issues for their use. This is followed by a series... continue reading »