Article 6 rules: are “bad” ones better than none?

Considering different types of Article 6 transfers, this paper looks at the implications of not reaching agreement on Article 6 rules due to concerns that the agreed rules will be too vague or set at a lowest common denominator standard. A “no rules” scenario is contrasted with “bad rules” and “good rules” alternatives.

ITMOs Outside the NDC: Safeguards to Foster Integrity and Ambition

Working Paper Through Article 6, the Paris Agreement provides an opening for Parties to voluntarily cooperate in the implementation of their nationally determined contributions (NDCs) through the transfer of mitigation outcomes (MOs). While negotiators increasingly agree that ITMOs generated from within an NDC must make a corresponding adjustment to prevent double counting, questions remain about... continue reading »

Policy Brief: Consideration for Article 6 Negotiations

Based on CCAP’s progress to date on its virtual pilot program and ongoing engagement with developing country partners, we assess that many Parties are not ready to engage fully in the negotiations of rules for the implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. Parties would be well advised to continue to consider basic points... continue reading »