Solid Waste NAMA in Peru

Working on the ground in Peru

DSC_0611With support from the Danish Ministry of Climate, Energy and Building, CCAP is working to scale-up greenhouse gas mitigation efforts within Peru’s waste sector through a nationally appropriate mitigation action (NAMA) that will increase waste collection and improve waste treatment throughout Peru.

Currently 5.7 percent of Peru’s total emissions are a result of the waste sector, therefore there are substantial mitigation opportunities moving forward. Roughly only two-thirds of the daily 17,000 tons of waste produced is collected, prompting Peru’s environmental ministry, Minam, to develop plans to increase coverage to 100 percent by 2021. In addition, the country currently maintains a total of eight sanitary landfills (five of which are in Lima) that collectively treat only 20 percent of Peru’s waste, thus Minam will also focus on adequate disposal and treatment of waste, where most of the GHG mitigation action opportunities exist.

The project has also received direct funding from the Nordic Economic Finance Corporation, or NEFCO, and CCAP will work in close coordination with NEFCO’s lead consultant, NIRAS, to provide hands-on assistance and advice to develop a NAMA over the course of two years.

The Peru Waste NAMA being advanced by the Danish government and NEFCO offers a real opportunity to initiate greenhouse gas mitigation efforts, appropriate monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) measures, as well as suitable financing structures, alongside sustainable development metrics.

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