Road to NAMAs: Global Stories of Successful Climate Actions

November 2012 | Leila Yim Surratt, Tim Williams, Stacey Davis, Catherine Leining, Justine Sefton, Sonia Florian, Tomas Wyns, Julie Cerqueira, Barry Elkinton, Kelly Clonts, Michael Turner

The ten stories showcased in this book include examples from around the world where countries have implemented NAMA-like policies that have successfully reduced greenhouse gas emissions while contributing to measurable sustainable development outcomes. In conducting the research for this book, mitigation actions in both developed and developing countries were considered, specifically those within the five sectors: renewable energy, industrial energy efficiency, building energy efficiency, transport, and waste. The programs outlined in this book are particularly relevant for developing countries, utilize effective financial mechanisms that leveraged donor funds, and ultimately serve as good examples for a potential NAMA.

We hope these success stories inspire policy makers to consider and identify new opportunities for reducing emissions in the context of sustainable development.

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