Estrategias Comunicacionales para la Implementación de Políticas Exitosas de Manejo de Residuos a Nivel Local

Este seminario web compartió con los participantes las principales conclusiones del Taller de Comunicación para la Gestión de Residuos que se llevó a cabo con éxito los días 29 y 30 de agosto de 2017 en Curitiba, Brasil, organizado por Abrelpe, la Asociación Brasileña de Empresas de Limpieza Pública y Manejo de Residuos.  La capacitación de dos días apuntó principalmente al personal responsable de la gestión de residuos sólidos municipales y otros actores clave del sector público y se centró en proporcionar conceptos sobre los fundamentos de la comunicación, estrategias para la gestión de residuos sólidos municipales y estudios de casos sobre acciones de comunicación exitosas de Latino América.  continue reading »

Eighth MAIN Latin America Regional Dialogue

Hosted by the Government of Ecuador in Quito, the event brought together representatives of the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), a range of private sector firms, developing and donor government agencies, and multilateral and bilateral financial institutions for a discussion on how to drive ambitious, country-driven climate action in line with NDCs. continue reading »

Workshop on Methane Emissions in the Mexican Oil and Gas Sector

This workshop aimed to explore the various sources of methane emissions along the whole value chain of the oil and gas sector, as well as to determine the priorities for improving data collection, estimates and reporting, in order to contribute to the definition of general provisions for their control and reduction by ASEA, in coordination with other federal energy regulators. continue reading »

CCAC Municipal Solid Waste Initiative- City Network Launch and Workshop

CCAP was selected by the Climate and Clean Air Coalition to organize the first CCAC Regional City Network for South America and Mexico focused on municipal solid waste management and the reduction of short-lived climate pollutants. To launch the City Network, CCAP organized a Waste Management Workshop in Santiago de Chile, on April 24-25, alongside the 20th CCAC Working Group and Science-Policy Dialogue. continue reading »

Peru Distributed Generation Workshop

Peruvian Ministry of Environment, CCAP and Libélula convened a workshop that took place in Lima to bring together a variety of stakeholders to discuss the opportunity for distributed generation in Peru. continue reading »

Sixth MAIN LAC Dialogue

Policy makers from eight Latin American countries gathered in Washington, D.C. to consider ways to fight greenhouse gas emissions from the transportation sector. The possibilities included uniting on regional vehicle efficiency standards, increasing transit oriented development (TOD) and changing the way freight is transported. continue reading »