Stan Kolar

Director, Europe and Asia Programs

Stan Kolar

Stan has more than 25 years of experience in global climate change, energy, and energy efficiency policy and project development.

A day-to-day manager in the development of the world’s first Joint Implementation project under the UNFCCC, he helped CCAP initiate and develop the Decin district heating plant in the Czech Republic. Since then, he has helped to develop many other renewable energy projects around the world.

Stan participated in the original studies that formed the basis for the EU emissions trading scheme. He also established carbon asset management and carbon trading companies. He has traded carbon on world markets since the market’s inception. He is co-author of the ISO 14064 standard on greenhouse gas emissions quantification, monitoring, and reporting.

Stan is a consultant to the European Commission on ODA in energy and climate change, particularly in Asia, and recently, Stan has worked in Vietnam on NAMA development.

He received Bachelor of Science in Economics from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in 1988.