Gerardo Canales

Director, Latin American Programs

Gerardo Canales

Gerardo is CCAP’s Director Latin American Programs with 15 years of experience in fields of environmental policy, climate change, development and energy. Gerardo works directly with national government officials, international agencies and private sector representatives in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) to identify and design Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) and other related projects by overseeing technical, economic, and policy analyses to support and inform the projects.

Gerardo also engages in key stakeholder outreach, especially with senior-level policy makers in host countries. As part of CCAP’s work in Latin America, he leads the technical design of the NAMA proposals and also works with international and regional development banks and financial institutions to arrange possible financing for the NAMAs as appropriate.

Gerardo brings to CCAP a wealth of experience working on climate policy and environmental regulations. Prior to joining CCAP, Gerardo was head of the project division at the Renewable Energy Center of the Chilean Government. Previously, he was head of the waste management unit at the Ministry of Environment and technical coordinator in the development of the Second National Communication on Climate Change. He has conducted market studies for renewable energies and energy efficiency projects and also worked at the New Zealand Centre for Ecological Economics looking into genuine progress indicators.

Gerardo holds a Master of Resource and Environmental Planning from Massey University, New Zealand, where he focused his studies on eco-efficiency and ecological economics. His undergraduate studies were on Forestry Engineering, and he also holds diplomas in environmental studies and public policy.