Pakistan Distributed Generation from Renewable Energy (DG RE) NAMA

Pursuing Energy Transformation in Pakistan

CCAP worked with Pakistan’s Alternative Energy Development Board to accelerate the deployment of distributed generation from renewable energy (DG RE) through a nationally appropriate mitigation action (NAMA).  The NAMA leveraged the newly-issued net metering regulations (NEM), which allowed electricity customers who generate their own electricity from solar and wind power to feed the electricity they do not use back into the grid.

The project worked to expand renewable energy net metering and self-supply at commercial and industrial facilities and large residential clients. More specifically, the NAMA addressed key financial and technical barriers to distributed solar implementations. Implementing this NAMA has paved the way for longer-term transformation of the electricity sector, by increasing access to affordable, reliable and clean electricity. In doing so, the NAMA created new opportunities for domestic electricity companies to recapture lost revenue by investing in renewable energy.  The project also contributed to the collective vision of a prosperous Pakistan laid out in the nation’s Vision 2030 document.

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