U.K. and Germany Launch Seed Money Effort for Pro-Development Environmental Programs


May 16, 2013

Contact: Star Dodd, Communications Director
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Jeffrey Birnbaum
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COPENHAGEN, May 16, 2013 – The United Kingdom and Germany today announced the guidelines by which they will distribute $100 million to developing nations starting this fall for the purpose of starting locally-developed programs that reduce air pollution and create jobs, according to Ned Helme, president of the D.C.-based Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP).

The announcement was made at the CCAP Global NAMA Financing Summit hosted by Denmark, at which more than 50 top government officials from more than 20 countries including the U.S., the U.K. and Germany, discussed the exciting future of NAMAs – nationally appropriate mitigation actions. NAMAs are the kinds of programs that the Germany-U.K. facility will provide seed funding for.

Helme said: “The United Kingdom and Germany are to be commended for agreeing to the guidelines for their investments in developing country NAMAs. NAMAs are a growing trend in international development and climate policy. They are true win-wins. They not only are designed by developing countries to help spur development and reduce poverty, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions in ways that mitigate global warming and create jobs. We are thrilled that funding for NAMAs is now officially underway internationally and we know that it will grow from here.”

Other potential contributing countries described their own partnership programs that would complement the new UK-German initiative. Private sector representatives were enthusiastic about the potential catalytic effect on investment of these new initiatives, Helme said.

NAMAs were proposed by more than a dozen Latin American and Asian countries and ranged from innovative policy actions and financial mechanisms to build renewable energy facilities in Chile, to policies that create vibrant new urban neighborhoods and path-breaking solid waste policies that will finance state-of-the-art waste reduction investments in Colombia.

The Germany-U.K. regulations can be found here.

CCAP’s new video provides a developing-country perspective on NAMAs, and Helme’s op-ed for The Energy Daily explains the huge potential of NAMAs. For more information about these win-win policy solutions, check out CCAP’s blog.

If you wish to discuss the Germany-U.K. NAMA Facility, please contact Star Dodd (sdodd@ccap.org / 202.492.2210) or Jeffrey Birnbaum (jbirnbaum@bgrpr.com / 202.661.6367). They can put you in touch with Ned Helme of CCAP and leading advocates of NAMAs from both developed and developing nations.

SOURCE:          Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP)