The Philippines Moves Forward on Rooftop Solar


The Philippines program, Enabling Distributed Solar Power in the Philippines, was preliminarily selected for funding by the NAMA Facility under its 4th call for proposals. The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) worked with the Philippines Department of Energy over the last 2 years to develop this €20 million program that will accelerate the uptake of rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) installations by residential, commercial, industrial, and government facilities under the country’s net metering regulations and under self-supply options. The project also supports the Philippines commitment to addressing climate change, and is endorsed by the Philippines Climate Change Commission. Other key partners for the program are the LGU Guarantee Corporation and the World Bank.

Embedded in the Philippine Energy Plan and guided by the Plan’s vision of providing “Energy Access for More,” the program will enable electricity customers to produce clean, renewable solar power for their own consumption. When fully funded, the program will establish a guarantee fund to promote local financing of PV installations and provide technical assistance to develop a pipeline of bankable projects. The program will also establish a technology certification and PV installer accreditation process to ensure the quality and reliability of the PV technology installed. The program is expected to leverage €75 million in private sector investment and lead to the financing of 50 MW of distributed solar installations.

Over the next year, CCAP will work with the Philippine Department of Energy to develop the detailed design of the program, secure domestic approvals, prepare the necessary legal instruments and agreements, and submit the full proposal to the NAMA Facility for final funding approval.

The NAMA Facility is a multilateral support fund initially established by the German and UK governments in 2013, and later joined by Denmark and the European Commission. It supports developing countries and emerging economies that show leadership in tackling climate change and want to implement ambitious climate mitigation measures.

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