Statement by the Center for Clean Air Policy on the Recent Executive Orders on Border Security and Immigration


The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) works to advance global action on clean energy, clean air and climate change.  We firmly believe that mutual respect and understanding are the basis of any meaningful international cooperation, whether the goal is to tackle climate change or any other global challenge.

CCAP stands against any kind of discrimination based on country of origin, race, religion or creed, gender or gender identity, sexual orientation and disability.  Diversity in our staff, board members, partners and supporters has been and continues to be essential to our successful engagement all over the world.

Recent actions taken by the Administration—including the executive orders on immigration and on border security with Mexico—are contrary to CCAP’s values and the ideals of the U.S., and undermine international cooperation.  These steps, in addition to the Administration’s threat to walk away from the near-universally agreed upon Paris Agreement, threaten to hinder hard-fought progress on important global efforts and damage relations with strategic U.S. partners. They risk depriving the U.S. of great ideas and essential partnerships and make us less, not more, secure.

At CCAP we will continue to call for the U.S. to exercise responsible, engaged leadership on climate and other global challenges.  For our children and grandchildren, there is no other responsible course.