Colombian Delegates Tour DC to Learn Best Practices in Sustainable Urban Development


Star Dodd, Communications Director

WASHINGTON, DC – Through a collaborative effort with Colombian officials, the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) is working to advance universal climate change policy solutions in sustainable urban development in Colombia, as well as the DC region. As part of our on-the-ground work in Latin America, CCAP is hosting Colombian officials from ministries of environment and transportation to not only learn from their expertise in urban transport systems, but also to initiate a knowledge exchange of best practices for urbanization in support of project implementation. Both domestically and internationally, sustainable urban development allows for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions plus economic and mobility benefits.

By touring areas within the metro region such as NoMa, the Rosslyn-Ballston Corridor and White Flint, CCAP will showcase local transit-oriented successes in transportation and real estate development. For instance, the North of Massachusetts Avenue – or NoMa – area was a series of decrepit buildings with vacant lots just a decade ago; but now it features a new metro station and 1.5 million square meters of new residential and retail space.

“This study tour presents a unique opportunity to learn from our Colombian transit experts, and highlight successful urban development taking shape right here in DC,” said President of CCAP Ned Helme. “CCAP looks forward to continuing its efforts with Colombia to implement NAMAs that cut greenhouse gas emissions and ultimately improve the health and mobility of citizens.”

Throughout the tour, delegates will also meet with leading planners, developers and policymakers to discuss steering new real estate investment toward pedestrian-accessible transit corridors that not only to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, but also cut travel costs, bolster the economy and enhance overall quality of life for citizens.

With opportunities provided through international climate finance, Colombian officials are working to implement climate change policies in the form of nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) that leverage substantial private investment and catalyze the development of sustainable urban infrastructure. Colombia is developing a national policy framework with an emphasis on sustainable urban development, and has begun working with CCAP to initiate transit-oriented development pilot projects in key cities.

The weeklong study tour will culminate with a press event where Colombian delegates will share their experiences and members of the media will have the opportunity to continue the discussion surrounding sustainable urban development.

As CCAP moves forward with climate policy solutions on an international scale, we will continue our on-the-ground efforts throughout Latin America.


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