Center for Clean Air Policy President Ned Helme Comments on New U.S. and China Emissions Targets



Center for Clean Air Policy President Ned Helme Comments on New U.S. and China Emissions Targets

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 12, 2014 – Ned Helme, founder and president of the Center for Clean Air Policy, made the following statement about the new U.S. and China emissions targets:

“The newly announced carbon emissions targets by the U.S. and China represent a major breakthrough that deserves praise. Almost two thirds of global emissions come from the U.S., China and the E.U. and now all three have pledged to act. The heat is on the new government of India to step up and make a similar commitment.

“Addressing the climate challenge can be a win-win proposition for development as well as the environment. China’s move in particular signals that clean energy is the path for all — including major coal producers like China. China’s pledge shows the way for other nations like Pakistan and Vietnam, which also sit on vast, cheap coal reserves.”

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