CCAP launches TOD pre-feasibility studies in three Colombian cities


The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) is excited to announce an important milestone in the Colombia TOD NAMA: we have awarded a contract for pre-feasibility studies to IDOM to evaluate the transformative transit oriented development (TOD) initiatives proposed by three Colombian cities: Cali, Manizales and Pasto. IDOM is a multi-national corporation headquartered in Spain that provides consulting, engineering, and architecture services.* They bring extensive experience in urban transformation and smart growth in cities around the world.

Under this contract IDOM will analyze and prioritize the best catalytic public projects in each city, to anchor the TOD neighborhoods and stimulate private investment in housing and commercial real estate. IDOM will also launch a baseline data framework to start the three cities’ process to monitor implementation progress, changes in land use and travel and GHG mitigation effects of the TOD interventions over time.

The TOD NAMA is supported by the NAMA Facility with funding from the German and UK governments. The NAMA has established CIUDAT, a center for sustainable urban development housed within the national development bank, FINDETER, to provide technical and financial assistance for catalytic local TOD projects and develop a national policy framework to mobilize public and private investment in TOD.  As Delivery Organization for Technical Cooperation of the NAMA Support Project, CCAP works closely with CIUDAT and KfW, the German development bank, which is the Delivery Organization for the Financial Cooperation.

CIUDAT staff experts support Colombian cities to refine urban development plans and develop projects that leverage investments in public transport systems. Now three cities are preparing to implement catalytic investments to stimulate growth in the key TOD neighborhoods prioritized in the plans. The first investments of the NAMA, these projects will have access to special financing through FINDETER and KfW, and must be chosen carefully to maximize GHG reductions and financial leverage.

With staff in Cali, Manizales and Pasto, IDOM will organize public workshops and meetings with key stakeholders to ensure that selected projects have the broadest possible support, catalytic potential and social benefits.

CCAP will work with IDOM and CIUDAT in the coming months to properly situate the pre-feasibility process within the goals of the NAMA and its international context. This includes guiding the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) process, communicating lessons of NAMA achievements and coordinating with donors.

The Colombia TOD NAMA is showcasing how climate finance, coupled with policy changes and capacity support, can fundamentally redirect development patterns towards more sustainable, lower-greenhouse gas outcomes. Elaborated throughCCAP’s Mitigation Action Implementation Network dialogue and policy process, NAMAs are now an important tool in the global arsenal to combat climate change. CCAP continues to work with developing countries on-the-ground to define and implement these sector-scale actions that are now expected to play an important role in fulfilling nationally determined contributions. We are proud to be part of Colombia’s ambitious effort to transform the urban development model and provide economic and quality of life benefits while reducing impacts on the global climate.

*IDOM is an independent multinational company, created in 1957 as an association of professionals. They currently field a team of more than 3.000 people, distributed in 40 offices, spanning multiple locations in Europe, America, Africa and Asia, and have carried out more than 30.000 projects in 123 countries.