Allison Bender Named Executive Director


CCAP is pleased to announce that Allison Bender has been appointed Executive Director of the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP). Ms. Bender succeeds Leila Yim Surratt who will transition from interim-CEO to Senior Strategic Advisor for CCAP.

Ms. Bender previously served as CCAP’s Director of Partnerships, where she oversaw all aspects of CCAP’s development efforts, including donor engagement, proposal development, contracting, and grants management. Prior to CCAP, Ms. Bender managed fundraising efforts for a conservation NGO in Cambodia and also worked with a civil society nonprofit in Afghanistan, focused on women’s rights issues. Ms. Bender holds a BA in international finance from the University of Maryland, a Master’s in nonprofit management, and an MBA also from the University of Maryland.

“Allison’s long tenure with CCAP and experience with nonprofit management and development makes her the natural choice to serve as Executive Director and lead CCAP’s exceptionally qualified staff to meet its mission to address climate, air quality and energy problems globally,” announced Jim Maddy, CCAP’s Board Chairman.

“The Board also wants to thank Leila for her long service to CCAP and for her stellar work executing CCAP’s flagship international climate mitigation network, which helped developing countries design and attract financial support to implement nationally appropriate mitigation actions to reduce greenhouse gas pollution and promote sustainable development. Her strong leadership and management skills spearheading CCAP’s international program contributed to developing country mitigation actions, emboldening more countries to adopt national climate commitments – a key factor in the successful adoption of the Paris Climate Agreement. We are pleased that she will continue to be involved with CCAP as a senior strategic advisor.”

CCAP works in both the U.S. and internationally to support implementation of the historic Paris Agreement to reduce climate change pollutants. CCAP works with developing countries in Latin America and Asia in the energy, transport, waste and industrial sectors to promote sustainable development. CCAP also promotes private sector investment in low-carbon projects by leveraging climate finance, including from the Green Climate Fund, and through market mechanisms such as emissions trading systems and international carbon transfers.