Integrated Solid Waste NAMA in Colombia Primed for Progress in 2013

On-the-ground work on CCAP’s integrated solid waste nationally appropriate mitigation action (NAMA) in Colombia progressed throughout 2012, and already the project is poised to make great strides in 2013. Since the memo of understanding (MOU) to conduct a feasibility study was signed in November, the project has moved forward in shaping a proposed NAMA.

CCAP, with the support of Environment Canada, has successfully engaged expert consultants in order to provide the analytical basis for a comprehensive NAMA. Several studies have been launched on the ground in Cali, Barranquilla and Sogamoso that deal with regulatory analysis, recyclables market analysis, technological and economic feasibility studies and informal sector analysis. These studies are being carried out by a combination of local and international consultants. Final results are anticipated by the end ofApril, which will then be combined in a cohesive fashion to give shape to the proposed integrated solid waste NAMA.

CCAP has also made significant strides in key stakeholder engagement, within both the public and private sector. In the public sector, CCAP has been supported vigorously by high-level institutions such as the Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Housing, Superintendent of Public Services, Department of National Planning and Commission, and the Regulatory Commission for Portable Water and Sanitation Services. In particular, CCAP has signed an agreement of voluntary support with the Regulatory Commission for Portable Water and Sanitation Services that would allow the results of the studies to be included in the stakeholder consultations undertaken by the CRA in its ongoing tariff revision process. This work could potentially result in the implementation of a tariff for waste reuse, recycling and transformation activities that would make these actions more financially profitable and sustainable.

In an effort to learn from their expertise in commercial viability of various waste transformation technologies and processes, CCAP has been in close conversation with some of the biggest private sector corporations in Colombia such as Interaseo, Triple A, Cemex and Argos. These components are crucial to structuring the financial assistance that can be received through supported NAMAs.

As the integrated solid waste NAMA project moves forward, CCAP will continue to showcase its progress, and highlight certain lessons and key questions that arise along the way.

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