Fourth Latin American Regional MAIN Dialogue

Today begins CCAP’s fourth Latin American regional dialogue of the Mitigation Action Implementation Network (MAIN). MAIN is helping catalyze climate policies, or nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs), that will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the energy, transport, waste, and other sectors, as well as contribute to sustainable development in developing countries. The meeting will be held in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and will be hosted by the Dominican Republic’s National Council for Climate Change and the Clean Development Mechanism.

For the next three days, teams of policymakers from eight participating countries (Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic) representing environment, energy, transportation, planning, and other ministries will convene to improve their capacity to develop ambitious climate policies that are consistent with countries’ development priorities and will attract international financing. CCAP expects over 60 participants, including other participants from developed countries, financial institutions, and other organizations that are involved in NAMA support.

The meeting will build on past MAIN-Latin America regional dialogues in Costa Rica, Chile, and Colombia, and will include expert presentations, smaller “breakout” sessions by sector, and roundtable discussions with contributing countries and financial experts. Aiming to encourage concrete NAMA results on the ground, this dialogue in particular will address possible financial mechanisms for NAMAs, criteria for selecting NAMAs for international support, and metrics for monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV). Teams receive technical assistance to help craft effective policies, learn from NAMA lessons in the region, and discuss strategies for designing NAMAs that are attractive to possible funders.

On the first day of the dialogue, CCAP President Ned Helme will present on the international state of play of NAMAs and NAMA finance, as well as MAIN’s focus going forward. Participants will hear updates on each of the eight participant countries’ progress on NAMAs to date and will participate in a breakout session on designing successful NAMAs informed by CCAP’s on-the-ground work in the waste sector. Finally, CCAP’s Michael Comstock will present on potential criteria to be used in selecting NAMAs for financial support, in order to advance a shared vision between developing countries and contributing countries on what constitutes an effective and financeable NAMA.

The MAIN initiative is undertaken with generous support from Environment Canada, Germany ICI, Denmark, and other funders.

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