Policy Dinner Dialogue on the Green Climate Fund: The Role of National Governments and the Operationalization of the Investment Framework


The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP), in partnership with Green Climate Fund (GCF) board members from Saudi Arabia, Tosi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Germany, hosted a closed policy dinner dialogue on March 23rd in Songdo, South Korea ahead of the 9th GCF board meeting.  The dialogue brought together GCF board members, alternates, advisors, and other participants to discuss:

1) The role of developing country governments in the proposal approval process, the enhanced direct access (EDA) pilot, and whether and how the GCF should support more comprehensive policy packages and programs as opposed to only bankable projects; and

2) The operationalization of the Investment Framework, including the use of minimum benchmarks and scales to assess funding proposals.

The discussion highlighted potential ways to enhance the role of national governments in order to strengthen country buy-in and encourage governments to develop transformational policies and programs for GCF funding. The Colombia Waste NAMA case study provided by CCAP presented a useful example of the programmatic approach—a comprehensive policy reform package that could be eligible as a single proposal to the GCF, including specific bankable projects, a host-country selection process for additional projects, and technical assistance to develop nascent projects.

Board members also had the opportunity to discuss the use of minimum benchmarks and the scaling methodology, options included in the Investment Framework draft decision. These conversations helped lay the groundwork for the compromise agreement on the Investment Framework ultimately adopted by the Board.

CCAP will continue to engage with the GCF Secretariat and board members in the coming months in order to discuss specific recommendations on how to implement decisions on the scaling methodology and minimum benchmarks, as well as provide input on the design of the EDA program. CCAP plans to host another policy dialogue on the margins of the 10th or 11th GCF board meeting.