Policy Dialogue: Transitioning from the CDM to NAMAs


12:30 – 2:30 pm

European Commission Meeting Room in EU Pavillion, Hall 3, QNCC (Negotiation Venue), Doha, Qatar

Given the declining demand for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) offsets and the promise of supported NAMAs, 2013 will be a critical transition period for the financing of mitigation efforts in the developing world.   This transition will require a paradigm shift away from sub-optimal environmental solutions and the offset model toward one that seeks to increase the scope and ambition of efforts to achieve increased GHG benefits as well as sustainable-development and other environmental benefits (for example, by utilizing landfill gas as an energy source instead of flaring to achieve strictly GHG benefits).  The transition to supported NAMAs offers an opportunity to link with and learn from past CDM experiences as well as to bring in project developers under a new framework that makes it economically viable for them to invest in projects spurred by supported NAMAs under a traditional investment structure.

This policy dialogue convened senior negotiators for an off-the-record discussion on NAMA finance and transitioning from the CDM to supported NAMAs.  CCAP began the discussion by presenting recent work on this topic under its MAIN program, followed by developing and developed country respondents and a roundtable dialogue among participants.

Policy Dialogue Presentation