First Hubei Emissions Trading Scheme Technical Workshop

7.23.13 - 7.24.13

Wuhan University and CCAP held the first Hubei ETS workshop, July 23-24, 2013 in Wuhan, the capital city of the Hubei Province in China.  The workshop was organized by Wuhan University and CCAP and hosted by the Hubei Provincial Development Reform Commission (PDRC).  The workshop convened about 150 companies regulated under the Hubei ETS, in addition to EU ETS experts from the power, oil/gas, and cement sectors, and included international ETS policy experts.  The companies and organizations who presented included: CCAP, CEMEX, Shell, Alstom, ICF International, and Sandbag.

During this workshop, participants discussed the compliance requirements for enterprises under the Hubei ETS program, explored the challenges to emissions mitigation for enterprises, learned about the economic benefits and advantages of an ETS program, and discussed hypothetical scenarios under a transition from a grandfathering to benchmarking allowance allocation ETS system.

Participants at the Hubei ETS Technical Workshop


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