CCAP Policy Dialogue Dinner on the Green Climate Fund


The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP), in partnership with Green Climate Fund (GCF) Board Members from Indonesia, France, Denmark, and Zambia, hosted a closed policy dialogue dinner on February 17th in Bali, Indonesia to discuss two key issues on the agenda for the GCF board meeting held later in the week:

1. The proposed initial results management framework of the Fund and what it may suggest about the criteria that the GCF board could use to select policy programs for GCF support, and

2. The modalities for the Private Sector Facility (PSF) and the mitigation and adaptation windows. Additionally, the group considered how these could be shaped to encourage greater country ownership and consistency with national policies.

CCAP presented specific policy action proposals submitted by developing countries to the Germany/UK International NAMA Facility and used these as a basis for the discussion of the results management framework and the country ownership issue.

CCAP also suggested several key allocation criteria for consideration (including host country buy-in, sustainable development benefits, ambitious emission reductions, and catalyzing investment from outside the public sector.) Invited participants explored how these could be applied to assess the paradigm shift called for by the Governing Instrument.

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