Don’t Run Over Public Transit

Today the House Committee on Ways and Means is reviewing HR 3864, which threatens to choke off funding for public transportation. The American Energy and Infrastructure Jobs Financing Act of 2012 would terminate all revenues dedicated to mass transit (2.86 cents per gallon of the federal gasoline tax), ending three decades of bi-partisan policy originally started under President Reagan.

As U.S. communities continue to make strides in providing more efficient travel choices, and households try to cut fuel expenditures, cutting transit funding would only stymie progress. Households in transit-oriented areas such as Arlington, VA drive one-half to two-thirds fewer miles per day than the regional average, keeping hard-earned money within the local economy. As we documented in Growing Wealthier, transit-oriented development can enhance local economic activity, enhance property values, increase retail sales and leverage private investment, while at the same time savings billions of dollars in infrastructure and health costs. Oh, and it’s good for the environment too!

CCAP joined with 600 other organizations in signing a letter to the House opposing this proposal. Other signatories include the US Chamber of Commerce, AARP, state and local officials and organizations. Click here to read the letter and list of signatories.

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