Climate and Clean Air Coalition Municipal Solid Waste Initiative Latin American Municipal Solid Waste Workshop and Network Launch


Background Documents

Day 1

Welcome and Introductions

Plenary Session 1: Progress of national municipal solid waste policies in Latin America and their contribution to climate goals

Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs): Example of Canada’s implementation support for the waste sector component of Chile’s NDC

Training Session 1: The CCAC Waste Initiative’s technical assistance resources available for cities

Plenary Session 2: Success stories in the implementation of organic waste management projects

Plenary session 3: Municipal solid waste project financing

Day 2

Plenary session 4: Linking Public and Private – Lessons learned in Public Private Partnerships

Training Session 2: Description and interactive showcase of tools developed by the Initiative

Additional Voluntary Presentations on Sustainable Waste Management and Partnership Opportunities

Launch of the City Network