Amongst the Thousands, CCAP is Making its Presence Known

The Bella Center, site of the 15th Conference of the Parties (COP-15) is teeming with people. Some are in costumes, many are in business attire. Everyone is as busy as possible, pushing their agenda, trying to effect change. The sheer scope of humanity in this conference venue is staggering. Amongst the thousands can be found a small/ medium sized NGO is making an impact despite the unprecedented crowd.

Monday marked the open of the critical second week of negotiations. It also marked the second wave of the large number of attendees entering and registering. This morning registration and security lines were so large that the metro was unable to let people off. Delegates, press, and observers were forced to take the metro one more stop and walk or simply abandon hope of entering the center. Many missed scheduled meetings, and hundreds were forced to wait in the cold.

There are currently thousands of people at the Bella Center, making it difficult for negotiators and those directly plugged in to the negotiations to get work done. CCAP employees are in constant meetings with delegates from both developed and developing nations, brokering discussions to move negotiations and text development further. Just this morning, the Indian delegation announced that they will have national communication for both supported AND unsupported actions, a position that CCAP has long advocated.

In addition, CCAP has two official events scheduled in the next few days. We will be presenting the final results from Phase II of our DFID Developing Country Project and a joint meeting between the US CODEL and European Ministers. CCAP’s unique skill set and relationships have allowed us to navigate around the masses and distractions and are helping to get progress in the negotiations. Much more work still remains to be done and CCAP will be there every step of the way, doing what we can to ensure that COP-15 is a success.

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