Our Mission

Since 1985, the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) has been a recognized world leader in climate and air quality policy. Headquartered in Washington, D.C., CCAP helps policy-makers around the world develop, promote and implement innovative, market-based solutions to major climate, air quality and energy problems that balance both environmental and economic interests.

CCAP Mission Statement

To significantly advance cost-effective and pragmatic air quality and climate policy through analysis, dialogue and education to reach a broad range of policy-makers and stakeholders worldwide.

Current climate and air quality initiatives worldwide include:

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Through a tax-deductible donation to CCAP, you will join the community of individuals and organizations who support out work. As a donor, you will help achieve our  mission of advancing cost-effective public policies that reduce air pollution that causes climate change.

“Now is the time to act ambitiously on climate change.  I dedicate my time to CCAP because of its focus on transformational clean energy: on-the-ground projects that  provide economic opportunities and healthier lives in communities around the globe.”

-Rob Brenner, Director of the Air Policy Office (Retired) Environmental Protection Agency and CCAP Board Member