Future Actions Dialogue

An International Climate Treaty for Post-2012 As international climate change negotiations center on a post-2012 framework, CCAP continues to participate in the discussion through its Future Actions Dialogue (FAD). This program brings together senior climate change negotiators worldwide from 30-40 developed and developing countries for an open and inclusive discussion of producing practical options for... continue reading »

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Whither Copenhagen?

When Barack Obama and his counterparts arrived in Copenhagen, they each found a surprise – line diplomats had not been able to set the table effectively for their interaction.  Whereas Presidents often arrive at such international gatherings with the expectation that they will say grace over the offerings prepared by their negotiators and perhaps decide... continue reading »

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The silent participant

The business community’s presence appears to be pushed aside by more flamboyant NGOs. Members are diverse: from carbon emitters to carbon aggregators, banks, utility companies, technology providers, auditors, verifiers, monitoring companies, climate consulting and data management firms among others. All of them see their revenues affected in some degree by decisions made at COP 15.... continue reading »