The New Deal: An Enlightened Industrial Policy for the EU through Structural EU Emissions Trading System Reform

This report recommends seven reforms to the EU Emissions Trading System to spur the innovation and investments required to create a thriving and low carbon industrial sector. These reforms include the setting aside of EU ETS allowances into an industrial low-carbon transition fund, a price management mechanism, the structural adjustment of the EU ETS caps toward... continue reading »

Allocation of Greenhouse Gas Reduction Responsibilities Among and Within the Countries of the European Union

This paper deals with the issues relating to the allocation of emission allowances (or equivalently Parts of Assigned Amount, PAAs) among and within States. This paper was prepared primarily to provide background information to members of the Study Team on key issues related to the design of an European emissions trading scheme and to assist the... continue reading »

Compliance-Related Aspects of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Trading in the EU

The purpose of this paper is to examine the compliance-related aspects of greenhouse gas emissions trading in the European Union. The compliance-related components of trading include measurement of emissions, reporting of emissions, verification by regulatory authorities of reported emissions, and sanctions for noncompliance.