Weathering Climate Risks

Advancing Corporate and Community Resilience

As the annual costs of severe weather events in the U.S. grow into the billions of dollars, companies and communities are examining how best to plan ahead to protect their assets and bolster their bottom line. CCAP encourages companies, communities and policymakers to:

“Ask the Climate Question”

How will infrastructure, land development, and investment decisions affect GHG emissions and resilience to climate change impacts?

This past summer, in light of President Obama’s Climate Action Plan, CCAP surveyed public and private stakeholders in the District of Columbia to understand how different stakeholders are preparing for severe weather events and climate change. See CCAP’s Summary Results of our District of Columbia Climate Adaptation and Critical Infrastructure Resilience Survey, presented to the National Capital Planning Commission, September 16, 2013.

CCAP is excited to have the opportunity to be a co-sponsor of the Northeast Risk and Resilience Leadership Forum in October 2014 in Stamford, CT.

New report

Check out Meeting Summary: Severe Weather & Critical Infrastructure Resilience: Preparing Washington D.C.

Goals and Objectives

CCAP’s Weathering Climate Risks program helps cities and companies enhance resilience to the economic impacts of severe weather and a changing climate. Our partners are embedding climate risk management into business continuity and strategic planning efforts as described below.

Click here for a handout on Weathering Climate Risks.

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NHMA and CCAP Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Webinar Series