Press Releases

  1. 3.3.14

    Statement about President Obama’s Fiscal 2015 Budget and Climate Change Proposals from the Center for Clean Air Policy

    WASHINGTON, D.C., March 3, 2014 – Steve Winkelman, director of the Center for Clean Air Policy’s adaptation and transportation programs, comments about the climate change portion of President Obama’s budget plan due out this week. continue reading »

  2. 1.24.14

    Statement by Ned Helme, President of the Center for Clean Air Policy

    “President Obama should rank the battle against climate change as one of his top priorities in his State of the Union address next week. He should reaffirm his commitment to the aggressive timetable and agenda he laid out a year ago, especially with regard to regulating greenhouse gas emissions from existing power plants." continue reading »

  3. 11.15.13

    Colombian Transportation and Urban Development Program Receives International Funding

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jeffrey Birnbaum, BGR Public Relations, (202) 661-6367 Kristen Grace, CCAP, 202.621.5663  Colombian Transportation and Urban Development Program Receives International Funding WARSAW, POLAND, November 15, 2013 — A program run jointly by Germany and the United Kingdom that finances efforts to combat climate change announced here today that it will fund... continue reading »

  4. 11.8.13

    Press Availability for Ned Helme during the UN Conference on Climate Change

    Founding president of the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) Ned Helme will be available for interviews in the U.S. beginning on Monday next week. He will also be available while he attends the UN conference on climate change in Warsaw, Poland, starting Friday, November 15. Helme can discuss climate change issues as they relate to the conference. continue reading »

  5. 11.7.13

    Statement from Ned Helme in Preparation for UN's Conference on Climate Change

    WASHINGTON, D.C., November 11, 2013 - The talks in Poland over the next two weeks will be an important stepping stone to combating climate change. Governments are expected to reaffirm their commitments to reaching a comprehensive climate agreement by 2015 and further define the negotiating process that will be followed. continue reading »

  6. 11.1.13

    Cali Announces Plans for a New Waste Management Model

    Cali, Colombia -- Pablo Lopez and Michael LaGiglia, International Policy Analysts for the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP), accompanied Cali’s acting Mayor Diego Calero (City Health Minister) and Director of Cali’s public waste company Maria del mar Mozo as they announced plans for the City of Cali to introduce a new waste management model which will be implemented in the coming years. CCAP has worked closely with Cali to facilitate the implementation of these efforts with support from Environment Canada, Kingdom of Denmark and the Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC). continue reading »

  7. 10.10.13

    United Nations Makes Progress in Fight Against Global Warming – Finally

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Contact: Jeffrey Birnbaum, BGR Public Relations, (202) 661-6367 United Nations Makes Progress in Fight Against Global Warming – Finally WASHINGTON, D.C. – Officials of the United Nations’ Green Climate Fund met in Paris this week to discuss how to raise and distribute money to combat global warming. Ned Helme, environmental expert and president... continue reading »

  8. 9.20.13

    Advancing Sensible Standards to Control a Major Source of Carbon Pollution

    Washington, DC - Ned Helme, president of the Center for Clean Air Policy, offered the following comment about the Environmental Protection Agency’s reproposed standards for new base load power plants. continue reading »

  9. 7.29.13

    Quote and Press Availability: Ned Helme of the Center for Clean Air Policy

    Freshly back from leading a conference on Latin American efforts to reduce air pollution through nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs), Ned Helme, president of the Center for Clean Air Policy is available for interviews on Thursday, August 1 at 1:30 p.m. eastern time. Helme can talk about a new, fully funded initiative in Chile that will soon increase the use of renewables, such as solar, wind, biomass and small hydro. continue reading »

  10. 7.19.13

    CCAP Honors a Legacy and Welcomes New Leadership

    Madison, WI – The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) held a banquet on June 22 to honor Governor Tony Earl’s tenure as its board chairman. Governor Earl founded CCAP and has headed its board of directors for 28 years. He will remain active on CCAP’s executive committee as chairman emeritus. continue reading »

  11. 6.24.13

    Statement from Ned Helme in Preparation for the Announcement of Obama’s Climate Action Plan

    WASHINGTON, D.C., June 24, 2013 – President Obama’s speech outlining his Climate Action Plan can be acknowledged as the most important environmental statement that the president has made in five years. As such, the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) is looking forward to the opportunities for both reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and an increase in economic development. continue reading »

  12. 6.24.13

    Notes from Ned: Obama's Climate Change Plan

    Founding president of the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) Ned Helme will host the first of a series of reporter roundtables on Wednesday, June 26 in the wake of President Obama’s environmental speech on Tuesday. The topics of discussion will include the upcoming surge in EPA rulemaking, opportunities for state flexibility in those rules and the future of climate change policies internationally. continue reading »

  13. 5.16.13

    U.K. and Germany Launch Seed Money Effort for Pro-Development Environmental Programs

    COPENHAGEN, May 16, 2013 – The United Kingdom and Germany today announced the guidelines by which they will distribute $100 million to developing nations starting this fall for the purpose of starting locally-developed programs that reduce air pollution and create jobs, according to Ned Helme, president of the D.C.-based Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP). continue reading »

  14. 5.15.13

    Video Explaining Pro-Development, Pro-Environment Initiatives Unveiled in Copenhagen this Week

    WASHINGTON, D.C., May 15, 2013 – A major environmental summit starting today in Copenhagen will feature a new video explaining locally designed programs that reduce air pollution in developing nations. These nationally appropriate mitigation actions (NAMAs) are meant to catalyze new businesses with seed money from developed nations, according to Ned Helme, president of the Center for Clean Air Policy. continue reading »

  15. 5.13.13

    Climate Change Programs Like Colombia’s Transit Initiative to be Unveiled in Copenhagen this Week

    WASHINGTON, D.C., May 13, 2013 – The government of Colombia will present an innovative transit hub program at the CCAP Global NAMA Financing Summit in Copenhagen this week to senior representatives from developing countries and international financial institutions. The Colombia program is one of dozens of so-called NAMAs, nationally appropriate mitigation actions, which will be spotlighted at the summit because they cut greenhouse gas emissions and create local jobs. continue reading »

  16. 5.7.13

    Pro-Business, Pro-Environment Programs to be Aired in Copenhagen

    WASHINGTON, D.C., May 6, 2013 – Locally designed, government-backed programs that reduce air pollution in developing nations will be presented to potential donor governments during a special financing summit in Copenhagen May 15-17, according to Ned Helme, president of the Center for Clean Air Policy. continue reading »

  17. 3.13.13

    Proper Management of Methane in Developing Countries Essential to International Climate Policy

    VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA – The Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) and the Government of Canada today debuted a video [click here] about an innovative program in Colombia, South America, that reduces methane gas emissions from landfills as a way to mitigate the dangers of global climate change and showcases the collaborative work of developed and developing countries. continue reading »

  18. 2.26.13

    Sustainable DC Plan Targets Emissions and Climate Resilience

    WASHINGTON, DC – Working to make DC a greener, healthier and more viable city, Mayor Vincent Gray released the Sustainable DC Planon Feb. 20 that sets forth ambitious goals and metrics pertaining to climate and the environment. The 20-year program includes emissions reductions pledges, as well as climate adaptation measures, proving the District is already Asking the Climate Question and providing compelling answers. Specifically, the Sustainable DC Plan calls for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2032 and enhancing the resilience of DC infrastructure to climate change impacts. continue reading »

  19. 11.8.12

    The Municipality of Santiago de Cali Signs International Cooperation Agreement in the Solid Waste Sector

    CCAP and the Municipality of Santiago de Cali have signed an agreement for the elaboration of a feasibility study in Santiago de Cali to design an integrated solid waste management project in Colombia. continue reading »

  20. 11.5.12

    Colombian Delegates Tour DC to Learn Best Practices in Sustainable Urban Development

    CCAP recently hosted several Colombian officials to share best practices in transit-oriented and sustainable urban development. continue reading »

  21. 10.29.12

    CCAP Hosts Fourth Latin American Regional MAIN Dialogue

    PUNTA CANA, Dominican Republic – Developing climate change mitigation actions and determining ambitious policy strategies will be a key focus of the Center for Clean Air Policy’s upcoming dialogue. continue reading »

  22. 2.16.12

    Environment Canada Partners With Ccap To Help Latin American Nations To Reduce Ghgs From Landfills And Wastewater Treatment Facilities

    Environment Canada has provided funding to CCAP to facilitate the development of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMAs) involving landfill gas and waste management in Latin American countries. continue reading »

  23. 12.7.11

    New Report Highlights Success Of European Climate Finance

    Climate leaders and ministers from Chile, Costa Rica, EU Commission and CCAP-Europe gather to announce release of Climate Finance Works at COP17 in Durban, South Africa continue reading »

  24. 3.22.11

    CCAP Announces Strategic Partnership to Promote Developing Country Climate Change Mitigation Actions

    On Monday, March 21, government officials from several Latin American countries convened in Alajuela, Costa Rica, to kick off a new initiative to assist middle-income countries in Latin America and Asia to implement effective climate change mitigation actions. continue reading »

  25. 2.28.11

    New CCAP Reports Find Local Climate Adaptation and Green Infrastructure Efforts Enhance Resilience and Economic Performance

      Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) reports illustrate the benefits of investing in green infrastructure and incorporating climate adaptation best practices into city planning Washington, D.C. – New reports by the CCAP Urban Leaders Adaptation Initiative suggest that incorporating adaptation best practices into city planning strategies can have positive effects on community resilience, human... continue reading »

  26. 1.19.11

    New Report Finds Urban Growth Strategies Provide Economic Benefits and Improve Quality of Life

      “Growing Wealthier” Report Examines How Smart Growth Can Enhance Prosperity Washington, D.C. – Efficient urban planning – known as smart growth development – enhances community prosperity and generates economic benefits for local businesses, households and governments, according to a new report published today by the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP). The study, Growing... continue reading »

  27. 12.11.10

    COP16 Agreement Lays Groundwork for Delivery of Future Success

    Cancun, Mexico – The Conference of Parties agreement tonight marks an important step in rebuilding the foundation of international climate policy that has been shaken in the past year. Mexican COP President Patricia Espinosa and her team have deftly engineered a process producing a diplomatic text that is a true “tour de force,” said Ned Helme, President of the Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP). continue reading »

  28. 9.25.08

    Center for Clean Air Policy Celebrates Start-up of First U.S. Market-based Carbon Trading System

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) President Ned Helme today recognized the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) for its leadership in conducting the first auction of allowances under the nation’s first carbon trading system. Helme noted that today’s auction is a groundbreaking moment in U.S. efforts to fight climate change and said that RGGI and other regional trading systems must be part of a globally linked cap-and-trade system to reduce harmful greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. continue reading »

  29. 12.3.08

    CCAP Urges International Climate Talks to Stay on Road to Copenhagen

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — With the United Nations climate change negotiations underway in Poznan, Poland this week, Center for Clean Air Policy (CCAP) President Ned Helme emphasized that international negotiators must stay on track toward developing the post-2012 climate change agreement which will be ratified in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2009. continue reading »

  30. 1.19.06

    Independent Think Tank Finds California’s GHG Targets Can Likely Be Met at No Net Cost to Consumers

    Based on our independent analysis of greenhouse gas mitigation (GHG) options for the State of California, we conclude that Governor Schwarzenegger’s goal of reducing GHG emissions to 2000 levels by 2010 can be met at no net cost to California consumers continue reading »