Our Staff

Working from the Washington, D.C., headquarters and CCAP offices in Montréal, Brussels, and Santiago, Chile, the CCAP staff consists of approximately 30 people and is constantly growing. Their talents and knowledge span the disciplines of global climate, energy and air quality policy, environmental economics, communications and media, development and finance and administration.


Ned Helme
Ned HelmePresident

CCAP Policy Staff

Leila Yim Surratt
Leila Yim SurrattDirector, International Programs
Steve Winkelman
Steve WinkelmanDirector of Transportation and Adaptation Programs
Laurence Blandford
Laurence BlandfordDirector, International Policy Analysis
Stacey Davis
Stacey DavisSenior Program Manager
Stan Kolar
Stan KolarDirector, Europe and Asia Programs
Gerardo Canales
Gerardo CanalesManager, Latin America Projects
Pablo Lopez Legarreta
Pablo Lopez LegarretaInternational Policy Analyst
Chuck Kooshian
Chuck KooshianTransportation Policy Analyst
Paolo Cozzi
Paolo CozziInternational Policy Analyst
Hannah Pitt
Hannah PittInternational Policy Associate
Brooks Shaffer
Brooks ShafferInternational Policy Associate
Isabelle Turcotte
Isabelle Turcotte Policy Associate

Finance and Administration

Christine Seigo
Christine SeigoDirector of Finance and Administration
Allison Bender
Allison BenderFinance and Contract Analyst
Michael Young
Michael YoungAdministrative Intern

Communications and Development

Carmen Martinez
Carmen MartinezCommunications & Events Assistant
Adam Beckerman
Adam BeckermanDevelopment Assistant